• Individual Mediclaim Policy for single person below age 45 with sum insured Rs 200,000/-
  • Family Floater policy for max 6 members which will include Proposer+ Spouse+ 2 Dependent Children (up to the age of 25 for male child & up to the age of 35 for Girl Child) +Dependent father & Mother or Parents in Law with sum insured Rs 5 & 10 Lakhs optional.
  • Entry Age 0-80 & can renew till life without any Medical Body check-up.
  • No Waiting period of One month /Two Years/4 Years & All pre-existing Diseases covered from Day one with Nil Co-pay.
  • 30 & 60 days pre & post Hospitalization coverage.
  • Specified Day Care treatment covered as per The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Norms.
  • Accidental Death Coverage for proposer with Sum insured Rs 2 Lakhs in Individual Mediclaim policy & Rs 5 Lakhs in Floater policy.
  • Emergency Ambulance Charges covered with Rs 5000/- per incidence.
  • Maternity Benefits covered with capping of Rs 30,000/- for Normal Delivery & Rs 45,000/- in case of Cesarean (9 Months waiting Period).
  • New Born baby covered from day One (intimation to be given).
  • Cataract treatment coverage with Limit of Rs 30,000/- per Eye.
  • Hospitalization on AYUSH treatment with capping of Rs 20,000 per year and Rs 30,000 per family per year to be taken in a Government Hospital or in any institute recognized by Govt. and /or Accredited by quality Council of India/ National Accreditation Board on Health, excl. centers for spas, massage and health rejuvenation procedures.
  • Cyber Knife Treatment /Stem Cell Transplantation/Cochlear Implant Treatment covered (with 30% Co-pay)
  • Room Limit of Rs 2000/- per day in Normal Admission & Rs 4000/- in case of ICU Admission in individual Medicliam Coverage (incl. nursing charges).
  • Room Limit of Rs 5000/- per day in Normal Admission & Rs 10,000/- in case of ICU Admission for Floater policy of Rs 5 & 10 Lakhs Policy (incl. nursing charges).
  • Additional Hospital Cash Benefit of 0.1% of sum insured & Max Rs 1000/- per day for Maximum 10 days
  • Additional Rs 25,000/- Hospitalization Death Benefit to person having Child below age 25 & Rs 50,000/- to person having 2 female children below age 25
  • Waiting period of One Year for Joint Replacement due to Degenerative Condition, Age-related Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis.

Family Floater mediclaim policy (1+5)
AGE/SI 5 Lakhs 10 Lakhs
Upto Age 60 yrs 14,536 + Serv. Tax. (14.5%) 21,550 + Serv. Tax. (14.5%)
60 yrs and above upto 80 yrs 24,780 + Serv. Tax. (14.5%) 38,207 + Serv. Tax. (14.5%)
Some Of The Major Exclusions Under The Policy:
  • External Congenital diseases not covered.
  • Any dental treatment unless arising due to an accident.
  • Naturopathy treatment not covered.
  • HIV, AIDS and related medical conditions not covered.
  • External medical equipment used as post hospitalization care not covered.
  • Cost of contact lens, spectacles, hearing aid, cochlear implants not covered.
  • General debility, use of drugs or alcohol, intentional self-injury, sterility, venereal disease not covered.
  • Treatment for infertility etc. not covered.
  • Hospitalization treatment for less than 24 hrs. Other than specified treatment not covered.
  • Personal Accident policy is including with this policy applicable for proposer only.
  • Suicide/ Intentional self‐injury
  • Death due to Pregnancy/child birth etc.
  • Accident while under influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Participation in a criminal act
  • Participation in a hazardous sport
  • War, civil war, similar situations etc.