All Risks of direct physical loss of or damage arising from any cause whatsoever caused to Property whilst contained in the premises/or in transit.

  • Stock kept outside safe after business hours covered
  • Floater Basis
  • Multiple Exhibitions covered
  • Outside India Exhibitions covered
  • EQ and STFl covered without any additional premium
  • Own Employees and Third Party Fidelity cover
  • Inclusion of Courier and/ or Logistics Companies.


This will cover the non-refundable expenses incurred by the Insured in connection with the Event if it is cancelled due to Fire and allied Perils,\ Mourning declared due to Death of serving President of India/Prime Minister of India / Chief Minister of the state where the Event is being held.
Following Extensions can be given by Paying additional Premium:-
  • Non – Appearance of the named artist due to Critical illness or accident.
  • RSMD cover within 20kms radius.
  • Terrorism
  • Unseasonal Rains


Will pay a compensation to your specified employees in the insured premises under the Workmen’s Compensation Act,1923/ any amendment there to or Fatal Accidents Act 1855 or common law in respect of death or bodily injury to such employee arising out of and in the course of employment.

Home Insurance

My Home Insurance Policy

Home Insurance/House Insurance Policy is a service that you can purchase for your home and/or it's contents to stay protected from risks of losses or damages that may be caused to them by any unforeseen events.
Certain incidents can lead to sudden and huge expenses, which you are generally not prepared for. In such instances, 'My Home-All Risk' insurance policy will safeguard you from suffering from financial setbacks at that time, ensuring complete protection to you, your family and your Home.

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